Short Digital Narrative (TRT: 7 minutes)

Written and Directed by Matthew Sevush

Produced by Jacquelyn Chin

Cupcakes mysteriously begin appearing at a college student's apartment.

cake! IMDb

Short Digital Trailer (TRT: 3 minutes)

Sound edited and mixed in Avid ProTools.

The final assignment for TVR 27100: Audio Production. Design, record, edit, and mix a trailer's soundscape from scratch.

Short Digital Narrative (TRT: 27 minutes)

Fox & Feline Productions

Directed by Lolly McLellan

Written and Produced by Mya Stengel & Lolly McLellan

Shot on Canon 5D Mark IV

A group of friends venture into the woods and face off against a mysterious slasher.

Gum (2022) - Sound Designer and Sound Recordist

Short Digital Narrative (TRT: 11 minutes)

Directed by Melanie Kardos

Written by Ryan Smith

Produced by Melanie Kardos & Ryan Smith

Recorded on Mix-Pre 6. Sound edited and mixed on ProTools.

Using a time-traveling pocket watch, Daniel obsessively attempts to transform the worst date ever into the perfect date, but things get out of hand.

Gum IMDb 

Short Digital Narrative (TRT: 10 minutes)

Directed by Melanie Kardos

Written by Matthew Morgan

Produced by Melanie Kardos, Matthew Morgan, Jacquelyn Chin

Recorded on Mix-Pre 6. Edited and mixed on Premiere Pro.

Énouement (noun):

The bitter-sweetness of arriving at the future, seeing how things turned out, but not being able to tell your past self.

After a breakup, a young man and his friend reflect on a recent relationship gone sour between him and his boyfriend. Through memories, they look at the relationship’s highs and lows, and the possibility of a future. They question love as a whole and whether falling in love is worth the possibility of getting hurt in the end.

Énouement IMDb

Short Digital Narrative (TRT: 9 minutes)

Fox & Feline Productions

Directed by Lolly McLellan

Written by Mya Stengel

Produced by Jodi Resnick & Mya Stengel

Recorded on the Mix-Pre 6.

Delilah's everyday life of scamming the bereaved as a false psychic Delilah is interrupted by a strange customer holding the secrets of Delilah's past.

Scripted Limited Series

Produced by Mya Stengel, Julia Stitely, and Melanie Kardos

Directed by Jacquelyn Chin & Celia Flannery

A group of college students protect their friend who happens to be a mermaid from an evil biology professor.


Short Digital Narrative (TRT: 10 minutes)

Written and Directed by Rel Klein

Produced by Becky Lindquist

Groundhog Day meets the Jewish High Holy Holiday of Yom Kippur.